Neuromuscular Activation & Stress Management Workshop with Bev Porrino

Reboot Your Body, Mind & Motivation.

During this fun & interactive workshop, you will learn how daily stress impacts upon our physical body, and you will discover how easy it is to interrupt poor neuromuscular patterns & reawaken muscles that have become confused and switched off. Just like putting a new fuse into a blown circuit.

We’ll take a look at how to use breath to manage stress & anxiety. How to avoid Tech Neck (Forward head posture, developed through looking down at mobile phones and other devices)

We will begin by exploring how our thoughts influence our nervous system, how our hearing and sight affect our balance and why, when you override poor breathing patterns the body responds immediately.

After the fun parts, we’ll practice a little yoga/pilates fusion & some really helpful take-away breathing exercises and Neuro-Activation tips.

Everyone welcome.

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