Qigong Workshop – One Finger Shooting Zen

One-Finger Shooting Zen is an amazing exercise to develop internal force and mental clarity, which not only enhance our levels of Qi, but more significantly give us good health, vitality, longevity and spiritual joys.
This workshop consists of traditional Shaolin Stance training that helps build up Qi/Internal Force within the body. This incorporated with breathing techniques and flowing hand movements that will leave you feeling harmonious and full of energy.

One-Finger Shooting Zen is perfect for everyone who wishes to improve their practice, be it Yoga, Sports, Meditation, Combat etc. or just wishes to improve their health and wellbeing.
This exercise will help calm the mind to be relaxed and to be focused at the same time.

Please note if you are attending this course, wear comfortable flat shoes and loose trousers.

This 2-hr workshop costs €35 (20% discount for members. )

***Please note, if you’re booking 2 or more places on this workshop you have to set up multiple MindBody accounts when purchasing. You can also call reception on (01) 677 9859 and they will help you book multiple people into this workshop***

NO REFUND if cancelled less than 48 hours beforehand

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