Somatic Yoga Unwinding – Melting the Sticky Places

Does it ever feel like that no matter how much Yoga you do you still feel sore and painful in certain areas of your body? Or that after a great session, a day or two afterwards the same tensions return? Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau in your practice and you would like to find new ways to free up your body?

Somatic Yoga Unwinding brings a new sense of expansion and freedom in our bodies. It helps us discover how to let go of habitual tensions in a different way to our regular Yoga or movement practice – it changes the messages we send to the nervous system and interrupts the habitual brain pattern of contraction that causes chronic muscular pain, tension and anxiety.

Somatic Unwinding literally resets the resting length of your muscles through a movement based ‘muscle recharge’ – Muscles don’t do anything that the brain doesn’t tell them to do – this is why Passive methods such as stretching, massage, and chiropractic don’t have any lasting effect because they do not change the messages that your brain is sending to your muscles to stay tight.

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