Your Spine, Your Health with Bev Porrino

Your Spine, Your Health with Bev Porrino
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Back pain can be a miserable companion and like any miserable companion, you do not want to encourage it.
Many people experience back pain at some point in their life, which is hardly surprising given our current lifestyle and habits.

During this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to use your yoga practice and simple ideas to release spinal compression and regain and maintain spinal health.

You’ll be encouraged to connect with your spine through breath, the nervous system, and through a simple and sustainable yoga practice designed to maximise the health and longevity of your vertebra.

From your head to your tailbone we will explore mobility vs stability and come to understand that more is not better; we don’t need crazy ranges of motion or lots of repetitions to have a healthy spine.

We will cover the following topics.

  • Not all spines are the same.
  • The safe way to move and exercise your spinal joints
  • The kinds of stress that the spine experiences.
  • You are unique, no one else has your spine, your makeup or your lifestyle.

Learning proper techniques for moving and stabilising your spine will give you a healthy, happy back that can move like a breeze.
Your spine, your health.

Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the event or full payment will be forfeited.

This 2-hour workshop costs €35 (10% discount for members)
***Please note, if you’re booking 2 or more places you have to set up multiple MindBody accounts when purchasing. You can also call reception on (01) 677 9859 and they will help you book multiple people into this workshop***

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