Stronger Within with Bev Porrino

The human body is amazing. It is designed to adapt to an ever-changing environment but eventually, these adaptations and compensations break down. This is when we usually pay attention to it; when we are unwell or when we feel pain.

Be Activated is the science and art of getting your body to work the way nature intended, and in doing so allowing it to break free of poor movement patterns, pain and dysfunction.

This fun and interactive workshop will demonstrate how clever your body really is at adapting to its environment, and what happens when that same environment creates confusion in the nervous system. You will learn how, with the right approach and a few simple techniques, it can be rebalanced and reset – it’s a bit like rebooting a computer.

The workshop will begin by introducing The Be Activated Philosophy. You will learn a few ‘self-activation’ techniques and get to try a couple on each other before moving on to a core vinyasa yoga/pilates class where you will be able to experience first hand the changes in your own body. It’s an incredibly powerful and versatile technique and it can be applied to any setting from athletics, dancing, yoga & Pilates. For building resilience and managing stress to neurological disorders.
It’s also proven to be a useful technique in reducing the chance of diastasis recti in the latter stages of pregnancy.

This workshop is for everyone. From athlete, yoga pilates practitioner, physiotherapist and body workers to people who just want to figure out how the body works and how they can make it feel and move better.

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