Boost your way into Autumn

It takes some time for our body to catch up with seasonal adjustments. It takes care & attention to help our bodies transition through the season giving us the energy to gracefully skip through to spring!! Bring on the wooly jumpers, hearty soups, roaring fires & a good pinot noir!

Let’s get ready to embrace the season ahead with a regular yoga practice and incorporate the following elements to help ease the transition along: energize, detox, heat and restore.

Energize. Our natural inclination as we transition into darker days is to stay indoors and hibernate; to huddle under the duvet with tea and a good book. Although it is fine to indulge those tendencies from time to time, we do need to balance out with some uplifting, energizing postures to combat sluggishness.  Try this Locust pose, a brilliant way to lift energy, open the heart and combat fatigue.

Join us for our Vinyasa Flow Workshop  the perfect practice to keep the energy levels topped up over the autumn months.

Detox with inversions and twists. As we spend more time indoors, cold and flu viruses get transferred much quicker and easier. A steady inversion with shoulder stands & headstands can help to boost the immune system and flush the body of accumulated toxins. Try this gentle Twisting workout at home, a brilliant way to massage out the toxins and flush the organs with fresh, oxygenated blood.  Or join us for our upcoming Restorative Workshop.

Heat. As our climate cools off, our joints often stiffen due to lack of circulation to the extremities. Pain receptors in our bodies are often more sensitive in cold weather.  Our job is to keep the body warm and circulation flowing from the inside out.

A gentle yoga practice will most certainly help with circulation, so on those cold mornings when you just want to stay in bed, your joints will thank you if you don’t!  Try these Sun Salutations to start your day. Our Cores & Restore workshop is the perfect place to burn some fat while gently toning your abdominal muscles at a relaxed and gentle pace.

Restore. Yin energy is associated with cold weather and dampness. It is important that we embrace the yin nature of autumn with restorative, longer-held postures such as, legs up the Wall, Savasana. This allows the body to clear out and for the nervous system to completely relax, making room for all that the new season has to bring.  Join us for a great Grounding Yin Workshop and enjoy the seasonal changes to come.


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