The Tao of Healing – Qi Gong & Shaolin Workshop

Bring the wisdom of the ancient East to your classes and yoga practice by joining Gregg Hartnett from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute.

Open to Yoga teachers, yogi’s or those looking to investigate building resilience to stress, this workshop promises to bring the power and grounding energy of Qigong into your lives.

The external body is a reflection of internal balance. Through a Qigong practice, you will begin to rebuild your Qi, or energy foundation, by learning and practising a set of Qigong movements and postures. Together, we explore these energies so you can appreciate the need for alleviating stresses of all kinds and rebalancing emotions intertwined with the physical body.

Shaolin stance training is introduced in this workshop to develop internal force and mental clarity. It is a most ingenious method evolved by masters through the centuries where a practitioner reduces their form to the bare minimum so that you can focus on your energy and mind.

Complete your workshop with a meditation practice to help integrate the energies and bring stillness to your mind.

This 2-hour workshop costs Euro 29 (10% discount for members and Elbowroom teachers)

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