Unwreck Your Neck with Deirdre O’Connor

Hunched over computers and screens we have gotten into habits of slouching that drags on our energy, shortens our breath and creates tension through clenched jaws, scrunched shoulders and neck compression. 

I’m going to show you how to reverse this, taking you out of painful tensions and into a body that feels light and spacious through two of the most powerful modalities for pain relief and postural re-setting.

Somatic Yoga wakes up our sensory-motor system using natural, sequential and fluid movements re-wiring our patterns of muscular tension effortlessly without pain.

Body Rolling uses our body weight on small balls to relieve painful neuromuscular tensions and create fluidity The result is a total decompression and elongation of the neck, shoulders and jaw.

A little about me: Deirdre O Connor, Yoga Dip, Yoga Sannyasin, Bihar, DTR movement Dip/Adv, Craniosacral Therapy CST-T Dip, Somatic Movement Educator and Clinical Somatic Ed.

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