Vinyasa Fundamentals with Rohan Hennessy

Vinyasa Fundamentals with Rohan Hennessy
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A Vinyasa Fundamentals Workshop at The elbowroom with the amazing Rohan!

Making progress in our practice isn’t always about stretching further and holding for longer. This workshop will break down asanas and sequences with the aim of developing awareness and comfort along with strength and flexibility.

Alignment – This can differ from person to person. We should be adapting the pose to suit our bodies rather than forcing our bodies to copy the pose. Figuring out how to make our own subtle adjustments can completely change the whole feel of the asana and bring the sense of ease we are striving for.

Engagement – Which areas of the body should be working? Where is the effort required to hold the pose and to possibly go deeper?

Release – Where can we relax and soften without losing the form of the pose? We are usually holding way more tension than we realise and the hardest part is figuring out how to let go. Learning when to ease back a little will help your practice a lot more than working with too much force.

Breath – Learning to practice with a calm and steady breath helps us to let go of unnecessary tension while fuelling the body as we work harder. It also gives us the mental space and clarity which we are looking for, even in a strong practice.

This 2.5 hour workshop costs €35 pp

***Please note, if you’re booking 2 or more places on this course you have to set up multiple MindBody accounts when purchasing. You can also call reception on (01) 677 9859 and they will help you book multiple people into the course***

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