There are too many wonderful reasons why you should try yoga. It makes you strong and flexible. It helps with musculoskeletal problems and can actually help you maintain your sanity.

Yoga is inclusive accessible and easy to do.  Don’t let the daily parade of acrobats and contortionists who float across the internet put you off.  None of that matters. All of that ‘posturing’ is so far away from the true meaning of yoga which when you look at it properly it has one simple goal. To learn what makes you tick from within. No matter what age, shape or size you are there is a style of yoga that will suit you.


Yoga works like a dynamo. As you learn to synchronise your breath with your movement you’ll discover that It gives you  good energy in return for a moderate amount of effort and you might not even  have to break a sweat  for it.

Here are 3 simple yoga exercises to get you started.

  1.   TAKE 10 BREATHS

Take a moment to sit still. Put your hands on your lap and breathe into your belly.


side bendThis movement stretches everything from your foot to your fingers.  Get up from the couch or your desk and stand tall. Take a belly breath and raise your arms above your head. Press your feet into the ground and lean over to the side. Go just far enough that you feel a lengthening of the waist. Take a couple of slow breaths here and then do the otherside. Repeat a couple of times.


This is a great stretch to relieve back pain. Lie on the floor and pull your knee into your chest. Relax your shoulders as much as you can and allow your back to soften toward the ground. Breathe slowly into your belly 5 times then switch legs.

knee to chest

Yoga is not about crazy postures or fancy clothing, it’s about helping your body and mind to stay in balance.


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