Yin Yoga Workshop with Elaine Yau

Yin Yoga Workshop with Elaine Yau
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In our modern hectic lives, we rarely find time to sit still & just be. Join Elaine for this nourishing 2hr Yin, meditation practice & see the transformational benefits for mind, body & soul.

A safe space where we can cultivate self -acceptance, kindness & compassion for ourselves. As we move slowly into stillness, discover the ‘art of letting go’. What do we hold on to? Thoughts… emotions… tension in the body…?

Yin works on the physical body on a deeper level: fascia, connective tissue, joints & bones. Energetically working on removing blockages along the energy channels (meridians) to promote optimum health & vitality in the body.

In this workshop we’ll be focusing on the more meditative aspect of the practice, holding the poses for a little bit longer…allowing us to deepen into contemplation & reflection.
We will begin with pranayama (breath practice), finishing with a silent meditation & Savasana.

Suitable for all levels & complete beginners welcome. No meditation experience necessary!

This 2-hour workshop costs €29 (10% discount for members)

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