Yin Yoga for Hips & Hamstrings

Yin Yoga for Hips & Hamstrings

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Date: Friday 23rd February 2018
Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Cost: €29 or €26.1 10% Members Discount

Are your hips tight from sitting at a desk or long stints in the car? Have you a tightness in the hamstrings after a hard training session?

In this workshop, we will look at how Yin  Yoga can be applied to improve flexibility and mobility of the hips. This workshop is suitable for yogis and non-yogis alike. This workshop may be particularly beneficial for athletes, runners, cyclists and gym-goers alike.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin is a practice that targets the ‘yin’ tissues of the body. It is a complement to more ‘yang’ activities such as other forms of yoga, sport and gym programmes. Poses are held for minutes at a time to target the deeper layers of connective tissue while simultaneously promoting and maintaining mobility. The longer hold of poses in Yin Yoga support a meditation practice.

The cost of this great workshop is only €29 with 10% discount for unlimited members

About the author: Eimear Beardmore

Eimear Beardmore

Eimear had her first introduction to yoga was at the age of 8, having maintained her practice throughout her teenage years she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with the YTTC in 2012. She furthered her studies in 2013 by completing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Josh Summers and a Chakra Mantra Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea in LA in 2014. She is looking forward this year to working on her Level 2 Yin Teacher Training and studying with Lisa Petersen of Living Yoga on her Advanced Teacher Training Course. Eimear Beardmore is currently studying for her Masters in Dance at the University of Limerick. She has had the opportunity to study with yoga and somatic practitioners such as Donna Farhi, BJ Galvan, David Swenson and Liz Koch. As a trained primary school teacher and part-time lecturer Eimear is passionate about teaching and sharing the benefits physically, emotionally and psychologically that yoga has to offer. Eimear believes that connecting body and mind is at the heart of a yoga practice, practicing in this way the opportunities for insight and self-reflection are endless providing fuel for a lifelong yoga practice that is adaptable and practical. She believes yoga should be a creative and fun process. Whether teaching Yin or Vinyasa Flow Eimear is a conscientious teacher who aims to empower students to deepen their practice each time they arrive on their mat.

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