Yogalates where East meets West

What is Yogalates

Yogalates is a comprehensive exercise system which successfully fuses the practices of Yoga and Pilates, described as a meeting place of east and west because it effectively merges the ancient practice of Yoga from the east with the core stabilizing, posture enhancing dynamics of Pilates from the west.

Combining the best of both traditions helps to develop a conscious awareness of the body, mind and breath as well as learning how to activate and tone the deeper postural ‘core’ muscles so students feel their entire body was moved in an integrated way.

Yogalates is excellent for developing general tone and fitness, while also encouraging a connection with self to soothe the nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation and instil inner calm and overall wellbeing.

We have a great 2 hour workshop which begins with some energising pranayama (breath work) to help identify and awaken our core followed by some exercises and asana (yoga poses) to cultivate strength, stamina, stability and flexibility with particular attention paid to strengthening and toning “core” muscles.  We will finish the workshop with a 15 minute deep, nourishing and soothing relaxation.  If you’d like to book online or would like more details please contact us on; 01 677 9859

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