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The elbowroom workshops and courses are created with beginners and advanced students in mind, from Yoga and pilates fundamentals to introduction to handstand and mantra. These courses are designed to guide students through the basics giving you the confidence to move forward and join classes on our drop in schedule. We offer specialised Yoga workshops for the more seasoned practitioner, including gorgeous healing sound baths, deeply relaxing restorative Yoga and advanced practices like inversions and backbends.

Upcoming Workshops and Courses




04.05.2022 Wednesday

Mini Jam & Baby Jam with Helen Blackmore

Mini Jam

Introduce your child to the foundations of music through singing, movement and fun. We use singing, rhymes and simple games to support your child’s language and physical development.This class is for Toddlers – walking fairly steadily up to 3.5 years.

Wednesday 10:00-10:45am

Baby Jam

A gentle introduction to singing, rhymes and bonding with your baby through song and movement.

Wednesday 11:00-11:45am


Drop in: €12

4-Class Pass: €44


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01.06.2022 Wed @8:15pm

4-Week Beginners Course with Peter Mc Callum

Open to complete beginners, this course is your starting point before trying any of the drop-in Pilates classes. The course will bring you through all the fundamental elements of the Pilates method. Start to tone and strengthen your body today.

Pilates supports good posture, improved strength, well-toned muscles, helps protect your back and is great for rehabilitation and prevention from injury.

Cost: €59

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09.06.2022 Thu @7pm

6-Week Beginners Yoga Course with Mia Romani

For those completely new to yoga or who haven’t been to a class in a while and would like to refresh their practice. Learn the basic postures, breath work and establish a great yoga foundation through expanding your understanding of safe and correct alignment.

  • Learn in a safe and supportive small class environment
  • Safely explore your limits and receive corrective feedback and modifications
  • Build a strong knowledge base
  • Build strength and flexibility


Cost: €99

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10.06.2022 Fri @6:30pm

Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Mary Williams

Give yourself the time to restore the self in this deliciously restful, rejuvenating restorative yoga practice.

Through this practice you can restore your mind, body and energy.

We will begin with a guided meditation to bring you into the space, while staying low to the earth we will explore various supported restorative poses with optional hands-on assists.

We will finish the practice with a guided relaxation to leave you in a state of complete calm.

This workshop is suitable for all levels and abilities.

We hope in this workshop that you will leave calm, with more awareness of the inner self and more present in your being.

Cost: €22

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17.06.2022 Fri @6:30pm

Women's Circle: Hormone Yoga with Anna Przybylo

This session is an invitation for you to connect with your body, to tune into the more subtle aspects of your being and to connect with a like-minded, supportive and non-judgemental community. We will gather together to connect with each other and to practise hormone yoga, a practice that consists of a series of simple physical yoga poses with a breathing technique called Bhastrika. Bhastrika involves active abdominal breathing that stimulates the organs and the glands in the lower abdomen. We will finish the session with Yoga Nidra and some calming pranayamas to help to soothe the nervous system and reap the benefits of the practice.

Who is it for?

Hormone Yoga is recommended for women with hormonal imbalances especially related to:

  • PMS, irregular menstrual cycle & polycystic ovaries
  • fertility
  • symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats, loss of memory, mood changes, hair loss (practiced in order to reduce these symptoms)
  • premature menopause
  • perimenopause in order to keep up slowly decreasing hormone levels
  • as a way to tone and rejuvenate for any women above 35 years old
  • Hypothyroidism

About Hormone Yoga:

Hormone Yoga was designed by Dinah Rodrigues in order to help women with hormonal imbalance related to PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, polycystic ovaries as well as help to manage some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.


  • in cases where estrogen level should not increase e.g. severe endometriosis, fibroids/myoma or breast cancer
  • in case of any other cancer – check with your doctor
  • after a surgery
  • in case of pregnancy
  • in case of acute psychosis
  • in case of any hormone-related disease ask your doctor for advice
  • during menstruation – some modifications will be given or you can take a break from your hormone yoga class

Cost: €22

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18.06.2022 Sat @ 10am-3:30pm

Preparing for Birth Partner Workshop with Aleanbh Cox

Empowering and Informing for Birth – Covered by most health care plans

The birth of your baby is one of the most important moments of your life!
Make sure you and your partner are fully prepared and informed with our one-day, antenatal workshop.

This midwife led comprehensive antenatal course will pass on years of wisdom and experience and give a practical toolkit of techniques to mothers and their birth partners.

You Will Learn


  • Understanding the different stages of labour and their hallmarks
  • Labouring at home safely and comfortably
  • When is the right time to go to the hospital
  • Being a useful and calming birthing partner
  • Finding comfort and calm during labour and birth
  • Positions and breathing for all stages of labour and birth
  • What to expect in the hospital
  • How to reduce medical intervention and keep labour progressing
  • Protecting your perineum
  • Making informed choices in birth and feeling empowered during all stages

If you would like any more information on our workshop please email us or contact us on 01 677 9859

Cost €195 + 1 free prenatal yoga class – bring a partner to the workshop for free.

10% Early Bird Discount – Book before 25th of May (use EARLY10 discount code at the checkout)

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